Many of our 14 teams play their first matches this coming weekend as team sports in the open air continue to be exempted from the Government’s CV restrictions. We must all continue however to follow Social Distancing Rules and no group hugs after scoring.

The start has been complicated as staff running our pitches were furloughed leading to a worse muddle than usual. Thank you everybody who has worked behind the scenes to get the season started and thank you to the players who have cheerfully made the best of the changing training venues as they became available.

New members express surprise that they have not been asked to pay a membership fee – we think nobody should be prevented from playing sport because they cannot afford it. We send out a voluntary appeal for funds after the season has started. The coaches are not told who pays – everybody is treated the same.  The inevitable shortfall in funds is partly met by our Patrons who donate money anonymously. They sometimes nominate an organisation to receive publicity but we do not publicise their names as some have players in teams.  We also apply for grants and so far this season we have been supported by The John Lyon’s Charity.

A delight of our club is the range of publicly spirited, interesting people one meets. It is great shame that all our social events have had to be stopped –  the Patrons Dinner, End of Season Celebrations, Christmas Coaches and Managers Party, Team Events etc etc  

One day they will come back. In the meantime it is a testament to the tremendous quality  of our members that we have managed to get the season up and running despite the difficulties. Indeed many of our teams are potentially overflowing.

Finally some adverts:

  • If you would consider being an anonymous Patron please get in touch for an informal discussion. One day you might get invited to the Dinner!
  • If you know of any Under 15 Girls who want to play football please email David on U15G@kensingtondragons.com
  • If you would like to referee matches please email Angela on kdfcfixtures@gmail.com
  • If you would like to coach please contact Tony on dofkdfc@gmail.com