Team Sports have been exempted from the new Government CV rules so we can continue to train but we must all continue to follow Social Distancing Rules. As KD’s activities are carried out in the open air the risk of spreading CV is reduced, but never the less we must continue to be sensible and careful – no group hugs after scoring!

This season we have 14 teams which include 4 girls teams, a new U10’s training squad and two senior teams. Last year’s U17s have combined as one U18’s squad. Booking venues for training has been complicated as venues closed during lock down and some need repair before they reopen.  By this time next week every team should be sorted out.   

The fixtures for the competitive matches have yet to be issued but they should be starting in October.

Many of our teams are now virtually full and unlikely to sign many new players as we do not “let players go” if they have been loyal to the club.  There are however likely to be opportunities for U11 Girls and U11 and U12 Boys as well as U15 Girls. We will review the situation over the weekend and next week advertise for players for selected teams. The contact details for each team can be found on our website.

Please remember players should bring their own drinks – no sharing! – and follow the now customary social distancing rules. We must have a completed Club Membership form for each player so that we know who was at each session.