Update 22nd January 2021

  • Kensington Dragons Update:

    If only Trump had been a Dragon – he would have learnt to how to lose gracefully and shake hands when leaving the pitch.

    We carry on following the lockdown rules but at least the end is in sight. To keep our coaches in peak condition we have continued with our Training Conferences. The next one is on 9th February, with the theme “How do you Approach Match day?” – not with trepidation one hopes. All our coaches should attend.

    For the cerebral among you see if you can work out what well know literary phrase the followings represents:

    Man U             4 – Man City    1

    Arsenal            4 –  QPR          1

    Rangers           4 – Burnley      1

    Charlton          4 –  Chelsea      1

    Fulham            4 – Liverpool     4

    Clue: It has nothing to do with football. The first to email me with the correct answer will earn a tremendous prize

    All the best everybody

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