Update 29th January 2021

Newsflash: Zoom Fitness Sessions starting Saturday 6th Feb at 9.30am.

Rose, U12 Girls Manager, is holding free fitness sessions for players, parents and all. Rose’s passion is football but, after her professional career in Milan was cut short by injury, she switched to Karate to become UK Champion 5 years in a row,  winning the European Championships Gold medal along the way. Rose will structure the 45 minute sessions into:

  • 15 mins – Fitness Test (series of basic exercises for 30 seconds with as many repetitions as possible, followed by 30 secs rest). Participants will be able to track their progress each week
  • 25 mins – Workout with exercises to improve speed, agility and stamina
  •   5 mins – Cool down, Stretch

The Zoom link will be sent out next week.

The Riddle:

The response to last week’s riddle has been intense with your correspondent hardly able to open his metaphorical front door for the pile of wrong answers.  Indeed it was apparent that skulduggery was afoot when an innocent looking parishioner at St Johns turned around at the end of last Sunday’s service to enquire as to the answer. Under vigorous cross questioning it transpired that she had been engaged by a certain striker and goalie to prise the answer from your correspondent. Rules are of course Rules, as our various Leagues are fond of reminding us, so no information was forthcoming.

The answer is “One for All and All for One” as in Alexandre Dumas’s motto of the three Musketeers:  Aramis; Porthos and Athos. A fitting motto for our Dragon football teams

Our overall winner was Helen Wilson, U13s Boys Manager, who emailed the correct answer at 11.18am last Saturday morning. Adam Brown, our IT Manager had pipped her to the quiz post at 11.16am but was judged to have entered the pitch early and disqualified. The next correct answers were: Robert McMillan (11.32); Sandra Crane, U12s Boys Manager (11.48); Piers Wilson (12.25, with the Referees’ Enquiry judging that he had not peeked over the shoulder of his lighting quick wife Helen); Rob Burleigh, U17s Manager (12.36);  Rob Matthews, Senior Football Sec (12.39); Emma Turner- Samuels (13.48); Trudy Crockett (14.08) and Stephen Toth (16.41). The final whistle was blown at 5pm. Well done everybody – you left the rest kicking their literary selves. Tremendous prizes await you all at our next in person event.

Coaches’ Training Conference:

All our coaches should attend the next session on 9th February, with the theme “How do you Approach Match day?”

For those of you trying to remember last week’s riddle:

  • Man U             4 – Man City    1
  • Arsenal            4 –  QPR         1
  • Rangers           4 – Burnley      1
  • Charlton           4 – Chelsea     1
  • Fulham             4 – Liverpool    4

All the best everybody