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Wake Up Dragons

We are now half way through this recent lockdown so we need to make sure we get back into peak condition when matches start again on the weekend  5/6th December to be followed by 12/13 December and then 19/20 December before we break for Christmas and New Year.  Normally many Dragon teams block off the first weekend after New Year but some may prefer to start again on 2/3 January, rather than wait until 9/10 January. Our Managers will consult with the players and coaches.

We are not allowed to organise training sessions but our players should be keeping fit and practicing their skills – our Director of Football strongly recommends practicing:

  • Turns: Cruyff Turn; Stop Turn; Inside Hook Turn; Outside Hook Turn
  • Dribbling
  • ‘Keep Ups’ using feet only and then using Feet, Thigh and Head
  • Before progressing to the pinnacle of Keep Ups – Around the World

Help on how to practice can be found by Googling each skill. A full range of  practices for younger players can be found by googling  FA  Superkicks

A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a pint – the barman decides to double the price of beer thinking that the gorilla won’t know what a beer costs – “£11 pounds please” says the barman – the gorilla pays and then asks  “Do you get many gorillas in your bar?”  “No not many at all“ replies the barman – “well I am not surprised, with the price of your beer“

What a season!