Update & Results W/E 1st November 2020

Covid-19 Update: Unless Parliament votes against the Government this Wednesday our activities will be “suspended’ from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December. We hope to start matches again on the weekend of 5&6th December. We encourage everybody to continue to get out in the fresh air, take exercise and keep fit. The season is not over and we will be back on the pitch. This will certainly be a season to remember.

Results W/E 1st November 2020:

To date it looks like our best performing team is the senior Blues …. there is however a long way to go – if we are allowed to get there:

The Blues beat Hillingdon Abbots 4-2 away. The Dragons fielded their veteran goalkeeper who sparkled in parts, but who was possibly less assured in others. All in all however this was a match that the Dragons never looked like losing.   

The Firsts just lost 2-3 to Hilltop at home in the Premiership. The Dragons started well by scoring what must be the quickest goal of the season. At the kick off, rather than employing a judicious tap to a teammate, the Dragons shot straight at goal and, to the disbelief of all, scored, leaving Hilltop’s bemused keeper embarrassed. Hilltop equalised and then it was a close match throughout, with Hilltop the eventual lucky winners.

 The U18s just lost 1-2 away to Hendon in a very close match. The Dragons were unable to capitalize on their chances in the first half. Hendon then took the lead via a corner, assisted by the strong wind. The Dragons equalised with a 25 yard screamer that will be a contender for “Goal of the Season”. Unfortunately Hendon then took their chances, which the Dragons did not, with the inevitable result that Hendon squeaked a win.

The U17s lost to Brentham at home. The match started with the wind whistling down from the west to carry the Brentham ball straight into the Dragons net. The weather was against the Dragons all the way. Their ever resilient Manager was heard to say “ In my opinion, we have started to open up as a team. It will be a tough season but I think we’re going to be very good.” 

The U15 Girls just lost 1-2 to  Hampstead at home. Hampstead dominated to lead in the 9th minute. There then followed a series of goal-mouth chances for both sides but it remained  0-1 at half time. In the second half the Dragons created more opportunities to eventually score in the 69th minute. Two minutes after the equaliser disaster struck when the Dragons conceded a second goal.  With 5 minutes left the Dragons nearly made it 2-2  – Hampstead’s goalie made a weak clearance and strolled back towards her goal only to find a shot roll passed her ankles… unfortunately just the wrong side of the post. 

The U15 Boys lost to Celtic at home. On the whole Celtic were the better side but the best executed goal came from the Dragons who passed from the back to score – just as they had practiced in training.

The U14s match against Kodak was called off as Kodak could not raise a team

The U13 Boys lost to Harrow United away. The Dragons need to add a few players but for now are being thwarted by lockdowns.

The U12 boys lost 4-6 to St Joseph Red at home.  This was a high scoring fun match that was only marred, from the Dragons perspective, by losing. As a Dragons fan said “I am not happy with the result but I am happy with the way the Dragons played

The U12 Girls had no match so trained

U11 Boys just lost 2-3 to Pro FA Boreham Wood at home. This was a thoroughly good, exciting match. The Dragons goals came from a superbly crafted free kick and a later good passing set of moves. The Dragons may have lost but they enthralled their fans who thoroughly enjoyed the match and which could so easily have resulted in a Dragons win.

The U11 Girls had no match so trained

The U10s trained