Update & Results W/E 6th December 2020

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On the pitch we came out of this most recent Lockdown in surprisingly good form:

Results W/E 6th December 2020:

The U18s soundly beat Belmont Bees 7-1 at home.  The Dragons at times played sublime football with back passes cleverly opening up attacking routes at such speed that Belmont could only stand and wonder. Inevitably towards the end Belmont allowed their frustration to show through and their behaviour slipped a little below the ideal. This was a tremendous performance from the Dragons

The U17s match against Pitshanger away was called off as Pitshanger could not raise a team

The U15 Boys beat FC Starz 3-0 away in a tremendous display. The Dragons were – to quote their coach  – “a bit rusty”  after their long break but they faced up to the challenge, despite the added pressure of playing away, and triumphed.

The U15 Girls had no match

The U14s had no match

The U13 Girls beat Vicky Park Rangers 8-4 away. The Dragons started at a huge pace to be 5-0 up at half time. The second half was a different affair as Vicky upped their game to score before the Dragons were awarded a penalty which was converted after rebounding off the crossbar. Vicky were  then awarded 2 penalties which were put away to bring it back to 6-3. A fourth Vicky goal could have had the Dragons doubting themselves, but in last minutes they gloriously scored twice more.

The U13 Boys lost to Wealdstone at home. The Dragons were depleted with players having to isolate due to Covid but bravely decided to fulfil the fixture

U12 Girls home match against Kinja was called off as Kinja could not raise a team.

The U12 Boys beat Venceremos 4-2 at home. The Dragons got off to a tremendous start to score 4 goals in 15 minutes. Venceremous scored just before and after halftime in a remarkably similar fashion. The Dragons performance slipped in the second half but nevertheless  they secured a secure win.

The U11 Girls just lost 0-2 against Alexandra Park away. The Dragons were missing half their squad who were taking secondary school entrance exams. Despite the huge disadvantage the Dragons played so well that after the match they regretted not taking their chances to win.

The U11 Boys lost against Elite London away on Wormwood Scrubs. This was a competitive match where the Dragons could see that relying on natural skills is not enough – it is teams that win matches not individuals. The rematch will be a different affair as the Dragons continue to improve in this their first season.  

The U10s trained

The First had no match

 The Blues had no match