Results Round-Up 05 May 2013

With this long season nearly over many teams had no games:

The U10’s beat Spain 2-1 in their first international. The Dragons kept shape whilst Spain jigged and danced with the ball only to be met by a ruthless defence before the Dragons broke away to score to the consternation of the packed Spanish stand. Spain pulled a goal back as the tempo of play and spectators increased. Indeed such was the aggressive excitement of the Spanish south west stand that the first time referee had to calm certain parents down. The play darted from end to end but it was the Dragons who were sharper and the vital winning goal came minutes from the end. A tremendous Dragons win.

The U15’s beat Springfield 6-0 and then inexplicably drew 1-1 in a double header at St Marks. For once the Dragons combined sublime passing football with application in front of goal to romp home 6-0 in the first leg. The second leg was an altogether different affair – Springfield came out determined to play football, put up a spirited fight and were rewarded by a marginal penalty to go one up. The Dragons woke up, pulverised Springfield to draw level but then could never quite score again to win – fun but irritating as the Dragons could, and should, have won the second leg.

The U17’s beat Pitshanger away 1-0 on Sunday. The Dragons preparations were not ideal with rescue parties having to be dispatched to scour Ealing mopping up stray players searching for elusive bus stops. With the seconds ticking by the last stray Dragon was finally scooped up and the team deposited on the pitch as the starting whistle blew. The Dragons were without a goalie due to injury but their tremendous team effort protected the relief goalie to leave the score at 0-0 five minutes from the end. The Dragons never gave up and finally a smooth pass to their striker was slotted home beautifully. A devastating blow to Pitshanger but elation for the Dragons as they had won the game.

The U17’s on Monday lost 1-2 and then won 4-2 in a double header away against Headstone Manor. The Dragons were again without a keeper but played good football to arrive at half time 1-0 up. Back on the pitch they seemed to be asleep and heartless Headstone took advantage to score twice. The Dragons woke up with a start but too late to recover. It was onto the second leg; the Dragons came out fighting and played excellent football to reach half time 3-1 up. Headstone were sure they could pull the match around and fought back with everything they had but when the final whistle blew the score was 4-2 to the Dragons and a very well deserved win.

The Firsts beat Marsh Rangers 3-2 away. In the opening thirty minutes it was one-way traffic with the Dragons launching wave after wave of attacks and doing everything but score. Finally a goal came near the break to give the Dragons an underwhelming lead at the half. The Rangers then capitalised on a slow Dragons restart to equalise. The Dragons woke up and scored twice. Rangers continued to push and their determined attitude brought them a goal five minutes from time. A less than comfortable win for the Dragons.

The Reserves lost 1-4 away to St Lawrence. For the second time this season the Dragons arrived looking forward to play bottom of table St Lawrence only to find their first team game had been cancelled allowing them to fill their side with Div 1 players. With numerous injuries after 2 cup runs the Dragons fielded four 17 year old debutants and had an average age of just 18. The key man however proved to be the referee who was in a world of his own. Being assessed from the sidelines he decided to take a headmasterly approach from the off and made error after error to leave St Lawrence up at the half. The second half was a dour and niggly affair with the referee punishing the youthful Dragons at every opportunity and booking three players in the process who were struggling to keep quiet in the face of dreadful officiating. Even the home management were apologetic. Still the weather was nice and it is on to the last few games.