Results Round-Up 10 March 2013

Spring opened the door and then firmly shut it again to allow the wind, wet and cold back in:

The Firsts beat LPOSSA 2-1 away in a mouth watering head to head intense match between the division leaders. The Dragons opened the scoring from twenty yards and then had LPOSSA pinned back in their own half to score again to make it two nil. As the interval drew nearer LPOSSA launched a long ball to catch the Dragons off guard to score and make it 1-2 at the break. LPOSSA came back out determined to claw their way back into the game and launched wave after wave of attacks. The Dragons held firm and were glad that three match officials had been appointed for such an important match when they judged correctly that an LPOSSA shot had not crossed the goal line and the win was sealed.

The Reserves drew 1-1 with Hillingdon. Unbeaten in 10 games the Reserves arrived confident of finally beating Hillingdon having lost to them in their last 5 encounters. The Dragons started superbly winning everything in the air and pressing high up the pitch. However in typical “football” style Hillingdon were first to net on the break when they scored from a tackled clearance. The Dragons responded well and finally, just before half time, equalised via a penalty. The second half was one way traffic with the Dragons creating the opportunities only to be thwarted at the last gasp to leave the final score a draw.

The U17’s lost 0-4 away to FC Kensington at Wormwood Scrubs in the local Derby. With a late 1.30pm kick-off the already inclement weather, with a strong biting north-easterly wind combined with the churned up wet muddy pitch, proved to be totally the wrong conditions for the Dragons. After having most of the first half possession the Dragons conceded a goal the only time FCK ventured from their own half. There was all to play for in the second half but, despite very skilful play from the dogged Dragons, they were rewarded with hits on the cross-bar and near misses whilst FCK went on to score run away goals. An odd result with the only redeeming feature being able to escape the cold and get home.

The U15’s lost 0-3 away to C.B.Hounslow on a dank dark muddy pitch in a most peculiar game. The Dragons played on occasion almost sublime passing football but were incapable of actually scoring. Time after time superb passing moves moved the ball up to Hounslow’s end but then nothing much happening when it arrived there. “Goals win Games”, not displays of brilliance which are better left to synchronized swimmers.

The U14 Nighthawks lost 0-2 then won 4-1 in a double header vs Princess Park B at the freezing Wormwood Scrubs. The Dragons could have won the first game but missed too many opportunities. In the second match the Dragons dominated from the beginning to win. Statisticians noted how the same teams playing on the same pitch produced two completely different matches where both teams deserved their victory.

The U13’s had no game.

The U11’s lost away 2-7 to Watling in a freezing cold Sunday in Burnt Oak on a pitch more suited for mud wrestling. The Dragons started with explosive style scoring a quality early goal and it looked like they were on fire. Watling had other ideas and started to ease their way back into the game. As the match turned from football to ‘stuck in the mud’ the Dragons sat back, lost their rhythm and conceded a hand full of goals to lose the game 7-2. A game not to be remembered.

The U10’s training was called off as the pitch was closed. Next Saturday they have the return leg with South Ealing Saints and the week after a match with the Spanish school

The Girls training was also called off due to the weather but will be on again this Friday.