Results Round-Up 17 March 2013

Dear o dear – another wet week lead to most Dragons reading their football skills manuals rather than playing:

The U10’s drew 3-3 on aggregate on Saturday with South Ealing Saints. The Saints came with two full teams and were pleased when the enthusiastic Dragons said they would gladly have their one team take on both Saints teams  – one after another. The first game was evenly matched until the Dragons had a glorious 2 minutes when they hammered home 2 goals to secure a 3-1 win. The second game was also close with the new, fresh legged Saints scoring twice against the tiring Dragons. Enough was enough and the Dragons drew deep collective breaths and started to hammer away at the Saints goal. Never before have so many shots just slipped the wrong side of the posts. The Dragons massed fans could hardly bear the excitement and many heard the final whistle with mixed feelings. A great result from the maturing U10’s side.

The U13’s lost 2-4 to Acton Ealing Whistlers in a theoretical home match. With the St Marks pitch waterlogged the dynamic and selfless Dragons manager rearranged the home fixture at short notice to play away at AEW at Foxwood. AEW were less generous and used the home advantage to squeeze past the Dragons to win.

All other match were off due to waterlogged pitches.