Eagles break their own records in triumphant win

Kensington Dragons U14 Eagles 16 v 2 TSA Totteridge.

When your new winger scores a hat-trick you’re always going to smile. When your trusty centre-half scores one too, you’ll be excused a mighty grin. But when your star striker gets two of them and walks away with eight goals of his own, something strange happens: you end up scratching your head.

Because 16-2 is, of course, no ordinary score – and our team is no ordinary team, with the forwards unstoppable, our midfield uncatchable and our defence so solid and creative the opposition found the game uplayable.

With five names on the score sheet, this remained a team performance – the two goals against scored when our commendably adventurous coach seized the chance for some welcome experimentation. But as the dust settles on another record-breaking performance, the questions remain. We have spirit, technique and organisation – but where do we go from here? Robbed of cup competition, will we get the challenges we need? The Eagles swooped, Totteridge tottered, but still we played below our best. How much higher can we fly?