Results W/E 22 April 2018

Fellow Sweltering Dragons

In intense heat the:

Girls beat Actonian White 7-0 away. The Dragons went straight into the attack and were rewarded with their first goal within 5 minutes. They carried on dominating to make it 4-0 at the half.  The match then continued at the same blistering pace to earn the Dragons a well-deserved 7-0 win.  

The Firsts beat FC Assyria 6-1 away. Surprisingly Assyria opened the scoring but their lead was short lived as the Dragons pulled back shortly afterwards. With injuries Assyria could not keep up with the Dragons and by half time they had scored twice more before putting away another 3 gaols in the second half. The result was never in doubt

The Reserves beat Barnet & Harrow 7-0 at home despite having no recognised goal keeper. The Dragons started well, controlling every aspect of the game to take an early lead and by half time they had scored another 3 goals. The second half was a stroll in the park as the Dragons controlled the ball to score another 3 goals. The upcoming clash with the league leaders will be a bigger challenge .

The U15As lost by more than planned against Brook House

The U14s were awarded a win as  Old A’s  also defaulted

The U13s beat Premiership AFC Wembley 4-3 at home unusually on a Saturday.   Wembley came bolting out of the gates to stun the young Dragons with a goal within minutes.  After this initial shock the Dragons regained their composure and had drawn level 1-1 by half time. With their sun bathing fans anxiously awaiting the second half the battle re-commenced with the Dragons stunning Wembley with two quick goals. Wembley came back to make 3-2 to the Dragons and the game was on but it was the Dragons who cracked the defence to make  it 4-2.  With ten minutes left Wembley pulled a goal back but the Dragons held on to a very well deserved victory.

The U13s had to play again on Sunday, against Ickenham Youth away to draw 3-3. The Dragons were up against a well-oiled team and after a near Dragons goal Ickenham came back to convert a penalty. Not deterred the pressure was on again and this time the Dragons shot was on target to make it 1-1 at the half. The Dragons came out again like bullets and were rewarded with their second goal. Ickenham were determined to put a dampener on the Dragons excitement and worryingly then scored twice to pull ahead.  The Dragons had to dig deep knowing that ‘its not over until the fat lady sings’ and, as the clock ticked, the Dragons earnt a short from a corner only for it to be  brilliantly saved and then in the last minute the Dragons put the ball in the bottom left of Ickenham’s goal to draw. A fantastic fight back.

The U12s just lost 0-1 to higher placed  Hendon in the Cup. Hendon scored a lucky goal right at the beginning and then somehow managed to avoid the continuing pressure from the Dragons which should have resulted in a well-deserved equaliser and then win. Such is a footballer life.