Results W/E 15 December 2019

Happy Christmas everyone as the year draws to an end:  

The U11 Boys had no match 

The U11 Girls had no match 

The U12 Boys lost away to Ickenham 

The U12 Girls had no match 

The U13s walloped Brantham 7-0 at home. It really is nothing short of amazing how well the team has weathered the initial storm to play such scintillating football. A tremendous performance. 

The U14 Girls just lost 2-3 to Kinja at home. The Dragons started well, breaking the deadlock from a scramble near the Kinja’s box. Kinja managed to equalise via their right-wing so the second half started on level-pegging.  The Dragons missed opportunities and then, sadly, Kinja broke-away to take the lead before scoring a third with 9 minutes to go.  It looked all over but the Dragons scored straight-away to make it 2-3 and that is how it stayed.

The U14 Boys just lost 2-3 against FC Starz at home. The Dragons dug themselves into a big hole going 0-3 down before achieving an almost miraculous comeback to leave the match just short at 2-3.

The U16s had no match

The U17 Reds had no match

The U17 KDFC Whites had no match

The Firsts had no match

The Reserves had no match

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League