U15 Eagles

Eagles hit a seasonal 7 past Kodak

FC Kodak 0 v 7 Kensington Dragons U14 Eagles

It was a game of two halves ­winter and spring. As the Siberian wind swept us westwards towards Wealdstone, we found ourselves floundering, directionless, incapable of finding the goal. Or indeed the pitch, which we only located with minutes to go before kick-off. And while we started brightly, scoring crisply after 10 minutes of steady build-up, the ill chills of a sombre Sunday soon began spreading their gloom. The opposition laboured, their support harangued, their coaches moaned and soon our shoulders also sagged.

Just one up at half time, they should have still been in the game. But it’s the break that makes great managers and for our boys the sun began to shine.

With spirits restored our Eagles spread their wings and the second half was ours ­ four up before the sudden, welcome warmth began to slow us down.

Shots were missed, passes skewed, but for once it didn’t matter. The opposition, still shrouded in clouds of displeasure from their unhappy management, had ceased to play. And three Dragons goals later so, thankfully, had we. Which told us many things, chief among them this:  there are many ways to lose. But play with your heads up and your hearts out, as we do now, and you’ll win. Whatever the score.